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Bark! Bark!

Updated: Jun 13, 2021

I’m the mascot of the club, you can call me Barks. I'm pretty sure you already know how I got my name (psst it's because I bark a lot). Some people think my job isn’t important, but it is. Without me the club would just be boring. I like to bark at this squirrel named Mr. Nutsy. Somehow he always ends up in my backyard! Oh, I also love my chew toy. His name is Mr. Squeaky, but I just call him Squeaks.

Things about me:

  • Mr. Nutsy and I have a never-ending feud that's been going on for years

  • Bacon is my favorite treat

  • I love belly rubs

  • I am a Kooikerhondje, a rare dog breed

  • Squeaks is my best friend and we love walks at the doggy park

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